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Steven Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer

The Steven Kretchmer story starts with a curious boy and his profound love of metal. Young Steven liked to walk around his neighborhood collecting pieces of metal to meld into playthings and miniature sculptures. These unique creations reflected his limitless imagination, and although the Kretchmer bloodline can be traced back several generations to jewelers of Romanian royalty, Steven’s interest in precious metals and fine jewelry was self-initiated.

While Steven didn’t know it at the time, this early captivation with the malleable nature and magnetic power of metal was the beginning of a journey into metallurgy and jewelry design that would earn him 14 patents and leave an enduring legacy in the world of jewelry design.

Now under the leadership of Steven’s stepdaughter Claudia in Scottsdale, Arizona, Steven Kretchmer carries the torch of Steven’s insatiable passion for precious metals and fine jewelry design. Today, Claudia continues to expand on the beautiful foundation her parents built with uniquely imaginative, award-winning designs.

Steven himself once said, “I design future classics that become heirlooms... I do not redo what has been done.” These are words Steven Kretchmer continues to live and work by.


As if magically suspended in a band of gold or platinum. Specifically designed and processed to powerfully secure your diamond without the use of prongs. Exposed to more light than traditionally set diamonds. The brilliance and beauty is clearly outstanding!


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