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Our Process

Only a few diamonds in the world can become a Black by Brian Gavin. We do offer a select number of diamonds that are already cut and ready to ship, but if you cannot find exactly what you desire, you may opt to have a Black by Brian Gavin cut exclusively for you.

  1. Acquiring
    With five generations crafting the finest diamonds in the world, we’ve built industry relationships that stand strong to this day. When you have a specific type of diamond in mind, we always have our ear to the ground, ready to custom cut that ideal stone just for you.
  2. Crafting
    Every Black by Brian Gavin is crafted by master diamond cutters and polishers for unmatched precision, and ultimately approved by Brian Gavin and his personally trained team. Only this level of focus could result in a diamond as exquisite and vibrant as a Black by Brian Gavin.
  3. Grading
    After every Black by Brian Gavin is crafted, it is then sent for grading to the AGS (American Gem Society). When it is returned to our facility, we analyze the results to ensure that the selected diamond can be awarded the Black by Brian Gavin distinction.
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