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Cut [Shapes]

Image of a diamond ring

Deciding on the shape of your diamond is an important step in the selection process because each shape has a different personality. Currently, Black by Brian Gavin focuses exclusively on round brilliant cuts.

Round Brilliant Cuts

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape available. Generations of diamond cutters have developed theories on light behavior and created precise mathematical calculations to optimize the fire and brilliance in a round diamond.

The “hearts and arrows” cut is a round brilliant cut that was developed in the 1980s by Japanese cutters who produced diamonds with facet reflections that created crisp hearts and arrows patterning when seen through reflecting viewers. These diamonds created a visual pattern of eight “hearts” visible through the pavilion (the bottom, or pointed section of the diamond) and eight “arrows” when the stone was viewed in the table-up position. This visual phenomenon was nicknamed the “Cupid effect,” and these diamonds became known in the trade as “hearts and arrows.”

The Black by Brian Gavin Approach to Cut

Black by Brian Gavin has one goal: to create the most impeccably cut diamond imaginable to help you celebrate your most important moments. We focus exclusively on the round brilliant cut because, as artisans, we find this cut to offer the best light performance. All diamonds that are designated for Black by Brian Gavin are precisely cut and polished to optimize the light performance of all the diamond’s angles, including the secondary facets. A Black by Brian Gavin will display pristine symmetry and perfect “hearts and arrows” every time.

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