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A new class of diamond.

Black by Brian Gavin®is more than a collection of diamonds. It’s the culmination of five generations of knowledge and expertise, the result of unyielding dedication to precision craftsmanship, and the stunning tribute to life’s most important moments.

The Black by Brian Gavin® difference

Eclipsing all other diamonds in their light performance, the diamonds in the Black by Brian Gavin® collection represent a new level of diamond selection, cutting, and presentation. A Black by Brian Gavin® is a wonder of nature mixed with the precision of storied craftsmanship.

The Gavin Effect®Cut

A breakthrough in light optimization in diamonds.

Light is everything when it comes to diamonds. The way the light catches a diamond during a pivot or a gesture. The hypnotic movement of light as it dazzles the eye—captivating the viewer and drawing them close.

Light performance is what separates Black by Brian Gavin® from other diamonds—this dazzling light performance is due to its patented process to maximize light performance diamond cutting technique, which is the result of years of extensive experimentation and diamond research. You can be assured a Gavin Effect® diamond meets our strictest and most exacting quality requirements. U.S. Pat. No.10,405,618 

To achieve our strictest and most exacting light performance requirements for the Gavin Effect® cut in every diamond in the Black by Brian Gavin® collection, we select the finest possible natural diamond material. Then we follow a meticulous and proprietary process to optimize secondary angles, symmetry, and reflective potential. We then inspect each diamond to ensure that it meets the pinnacle of our demanding light performance standards for the Gavin Effect®.

The result is a diamond that has Impeccable Performance®, Exacting PrecisionTM and Incomparable Beauty®  and you're guaranteed to find it with Black by Brian Gavin®



ASET    Advance Aset    Hearts and Arrows 



We only include diamonds graded D–G for Black by Brian Gavin® stones up to 2.9 carats. Above 3 carats, Black by Brian Gavin® may include lower colors due to their rare value.


Only diamonds that fall within the IF–VS2 range are eligible to become Black by Brian Gavin®.


The cut that creates a Black by Brian Gavin® delivers super light performance. The exact measurements are confidential, proprietary, and covered by the following patents ,US10405618B1; US10448713B1; US11478052B1 and USD639202S1;.

A Black by Brian Gavin® will present pristine and symmetrical hearts and arrows, a feature that is synonymous with the name Brian Gavin.


The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool®, or ASET, was developed by AGS to demonstrate, in red, green, and blue colors, the light performance of a diamond (how it handles and returns light to our eyes). See the following examples below. Both ASET images achieve the 0 for light performance grade. However, the one on the left displays “Low-intensity light zones" beneath the table. While the one on the right has been optimized for Gavin Effect®. All diamonds in the Black by Brian Gavin® collection will have the most exacting ASET image possible.


Our finest collection ever.

When we say that Black by Brian Gavin® is “our finest collection ever,” we mean it—it’s not an exaggeration. When you select Black by Brian Gavin®, you’re receiving one of the finest diamonds on earth. So what makes a Black by Brian Gavin® diamond so extraordinary?

The angles

Black by Brian Gavin® diamonds feature pristine hearts and arrows and are crafted to evoke Gavin Effect® light performance (patent pending). Most diamond crafters focus on the primary angles and stop there. We take it a step further, purposefully optimizing the ancillary angles of each Black by Brian Gavin®. The result? Extreme light performance—so you get the most vibrant reflective qualities and the most hypnotizing sparkle imaginable.

The journey

No matter where the natural diamond material for your stone originally came from, every single Black by Brian Gavin® is assured to be purchased from legitimate sources that operate in compliance with United Nations Resolutions against funding conflict.

The quality

We offer unparalleled quality in every Black by Brian Gavin®. How do we know? We know because we use the world-leading lab in light performance—AGSL—to grade the color, clarity, and light performance of each stone. That’s also why we can proudly say that the quality is assured not only by Brian Gavin, but also by the AGSL.

Versus our other Signature diamonds

The obvious question that you’re probably asking is whether you should choose a Black by Brian Gavin® or Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows round diamond. Read more about the difference.

Upgrade policy.

If you are a proud owner of one of of our family of existing Brian Gavin Signature diamonds (Signature hearts and arrows, Signature cushion, Signature princess, Signature Blue®, The Cape Series®, and Advance Selection), our standard 100% upgrade will apply. This is on condition that the diamond is not damaged in any way at all. For full details click here.

The Black by Brian Gavin® AGS Diamond Grading Report

We are proud to share our exclusive new trifold Black by Brian Gavin® AGS Diamond Grading Report. The AGS Laboratories is dedicated to the science of diamond performance. The AGS Laboratories examines each Black by Brian Gavin® diamond and confirms that it meets the Black by Brian Gavin® strict requirements for AGS color, clarity and cut grade (polish, symmetry, and light performance) as assessed by AGS Laboratories.