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Frieder Lauer

Frieder Lauer

FRIEDER LAUER owns and operates a small jewelry design studio in Houston, Texas. Together with his son, Mathias, he specializes in the manufacture of fine jewelry with an emphasis on good design and exquisite craftsmanship.

The American Gem Trade Association was the first to call Frieder’s work “a piece of art” (JCK, January 1997, p.55), and over the course of more than three decades, his work received recognition repeatedly even on an international level by major Jewelry Trade Organizations such as the Japan Pearl Promotion Society and Jewelers Circular Keystone.

Mathias Lauer established his potential as a next-generation designer in 2012 with his first winning entry at a design competition sponsored by Palladium Alliance International.

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Modern manufacturing technologies are changing the way fine pieces of jewelry are made. We should strive to use these new tools to raise the bar for our creative ambitions: Technology should never replace time-honored skill, but rather augment its reach, and push the limits of craftsmanship and creativity.

Frieder Lauer strongly supports sustainable manufacturing practices and fair-trade policies: we are committed to our environmental and social responsibilities. All our platinum comes from suppliers certified to offer 100% recycled-only precious metals and precious metal components. Every diamond we use is purchased from merchants certified to adhere to fair-trade practice guidelines. All vendors must have demonstrated their commitment to ethical sourcing.

As a BRIAN GAVIN BLACK designer, FRIEDER LAUER offers a collection that represents the essence of his beliefs regarding the fusion of technology and skilled traditional craftsmanship: CAD/CAM modeling technologies are applied for the production of the ring body for high levels of consistency in symmetry and proportion. Traditional fabrication and forming methods are used to achieve the ultra-light yet high-strength settings for each diamond: This collection is crafted exclusively in 950 Platinum. Each piece is made with the sole purpose to showcase the most perfectly brilliant diamonds in the world.


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