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Kim Nel

Kim Nel

Kim is an award-winning South African jewelry designer, specializing in CAD and product development. She is an enthusiastic and creative designer, equipped with knowledge of CAD design, 3D printing, render and animation.

After graduating top of her class with Cum Laude from CPUT in 2010, she has devoted her career to pursue the digital world along with the endless possibilities of the CAD/CAM process. Her fascination with technology is what drives her journey for precision.

Working as a Jewelry Designer the last thirteen years has aided her to develop a deep appreciation for design as an art form as well as a profound understanding of the fundamentals of design. She has a genuine love for art, with a curious mind for the world around her. Design is the very core of her being and she adores being part of a client’s journey by communicating their story through her creativity.

“I absolutely love that as a creative person, the learning never stops. Technology has certainly given me a great advantage to add substance to my design solutions.”


 “I am driven to feed my labour of love, which is design. I am always looking for the next thing to inspire me.”





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